Window Tinting Benefits

See a few of the frequently asked questions about window tinting. Including information regarding what the film’s consist of. As well as a list of  window tinting benefits of installing premium window films, from Advantage Window Tinting.

Frequently Asked Questions & Window Tinting Benefits

As described by Solar Gard, window film is a laminate of strong, high-quality, optically clear polyester films and metalized coatings bonded together by special adhesives. They are treated and coated by vacuum metalizing, sputter coating, chemical dyeing or pigmentation. On one side is a scratch-resistant coating with a mounting adhesive layer and a protective release liner on the other side. During installation, the protective liner is removed and the side of the film with the adhesive is applied to the interior surface of glass. Window film can be clear, colored or patterned and are made in various thicknesses for solar and safety/security usages. The films are used for commercial and residential applications to reduce solar heat gain, glare and fading or for patterned decoration. Other films are used to improve safety and security.

Solar radiation consists of 3 primary components: visible light we can see, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays which we can only feel. Polymers inside the film blocks some or most of the infrared (rays that cause heat gain) and ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B that can cause cancer). Removal of these rays helps protect occupants or assets inside cars or buildings from hotspots, fading, premature aging and certain types of cancer. In addition, film reduces glare by absorbing or reflecting visible light passing through glass.

Most Commonly Asked Questions?

The most popular Window film is “Solar Control Film.” Commonly used to control fading and heat damage, while letting maximum light into the rooms. The window film consists of extremely thin layers of metal, making up what you see as tint, enclosed between two pieces of clear polyester plastic. Older films used chemical dyes to provide the “tint”. Dyed films were notorious for fading and even changing colors. Today’s premium films typically have ten-year or lifetime warranties!
No, after the dry-out process is completed (we recommend 30 days), clean your filmed window with a normal household cleaner or ammonia based products (Windex) using a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use rough or abrasive products as they will scratch or damage the film.
Our films are optically clear and virtually undetectable after installation. Most architectural films are manufactured using a “CDF” mounting adhesive, which means ‘clear, distortion free.” Therefore, your view will not be distorted.
When glass without window film is broken, it shatters and having no support can fall out completely. In some cases the glass shards can be airborne leading to human injury. When safety and security window film is applied, it bonds to the window and prevents it from separating easily. Safety and security film are much thicker than conventional window films and provides a barrier against break-ins, bomb blasts, looting and interior damage
The effect of solar control window film on plants has been studied by numerous universities, and researchers have concluded that window film does not harm plants. Some species of plants may take a few weeks to “adjust”, but they will come to no harm. In fact, in some studies specific species of plants thrived after window film was installed due to the fact that solar control window film eliminates ultraviolet light, which is harmful to plants, and near infrared radiation, which can stunt the growth of plants.

What Are The Benefits?

Save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
Provides solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort.
Protects by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light
Solar Control Film offers UV protection of at least SPF 2851, block 99% of UV rays. Provides year-round protection against the aging associated with sun damage
Safety and Security Provides protection by holding shards of glass together if broken. Also a deterrent barrier against intruders.